CCHC Receives $122,000 Grant to fund Staff Development Initiative

Comprehensive Community Health Centers (CCHC) is pleased to announce it has received a $122,000 grant from Health Net Health Plan to support staff development and training opportunities at our organization.

The grant will be utilized to strengthen CCHC’s healthcare safety net through development and implementation of strategies that prepare new employees for success, foster an environment of professional growth, and improve staff engagement and retention.

To ensure our staff receive appropriate trainings in a timely and efficient manner, staff will have the opportunity to use and complete required trainings utilizing CCHC’s new learning management system. Funding will also allow CCHC staff to receive cultural competency training, which will support the organization in effectively delivering health care services that meet the needs of our communities.

The funding will also enable Medical Assistants to receive medical interpretation certification. By gaining the skills necessary to understand, communicate, and effectively engage with patients, our care teams will be better positioned to meet the needs of the diverse population we serve.

CCHC received the grant through Health Net’s Community and Infrastructure Investment Program. Health Net awarded $4.2 million to 22 healthcare organizations to support workforce development activities and improve the quality of health data collection. CCHC is proud to be one of the 22 recipients of this grant in support of our mission to improve the quality of health care provided to our patients.