Are You in a Healthy Relationship?

People always talk about how we should respect our partners, and that it is important that we look out for warning signs of when our partner/s is being abusive. But, what if it is us that is being abusive toward our partner/s?

Would you be able to identify your own abusive behavior? It could be challenging, but not impossible. It is extremely important that we offer our partner/s respect and that they feel safe when they are with us.

Communication is Key! If you have a difficult time communicating with your partner, we’ve shared some tips below that can help improve that communication:

  1. Find the right time: it is important to always speak openly to your partner, if you are bothered about something, it is important that you talk about it. Be sure that you and your partner are both calm and not distracted.
  2. Talk face to face: avoid talking about important things via text, or on the phone. Face to face interaction is important!
  3. Do Not Attack: communicate with your partner how you feel by using “I” statements such as “I feel hurt” etc. Do not use “You” statements such as “You always do…..”. These statements provide the platform for your partner to misunderstand your point of view.
  4. Check Your Body Language: If you have good body language, your partner will feel that you truly do care and that you are listening to them. Have good eye contact and eliminate all possible distractions. Focus is golden!
  5. Use the 48 Hour Rule: If you are upset over something your partner did, you need to communicate it to them. Give yourself some time so that when you talk, you do not attack your partner verbally.

It could be hard to communicate with your partner, but if you are able to communicate effectively, many problems can be avoided in your relationship. This will help establish a healthy relationship.