Shake Out!

Southern Californian’s are used to earthquakes. Unfortunately, earthquake drills are a common activity in schools and the workplace. In Southern California, we are always talking about “The Big One” – presumably, we have a higher possibility of experiencing another big quake in the coming years.  It sounds scary, right? Don’t be frightened, there are many things you can do to prepare yourself and your loved ones for an unexpected earthquake big or small.

Be prepared! Don’t let Mother Nature catch you by surprise.

1. Secure your space! Identify the hazards in your home and secure any items that could fall during an earthquake.
2. Create a Plan! It is important that you and your family create a disaster plan in case of an emergency. Be sure that your family members understand the plan and how to communicate in case of an emergency.
3. Have a disaster toolbox!
a. Prepare a disaster supply box.
b. Store flashlights, blankets, water, food, and a first aid kit. You can also store anything you might find necessary for your family.
4. Financial Hardships! Be sure to always keep your important documents together and in a safe place. Make sure to protect your home! You may even want to consider home insurance in case there is damage during an earthquake.

Now that you know how to better prepare for an earthquake, here are steps on what to do during the shake out.

  1. Drop, cover, and hold!
    a. Drop low to the ground.
    b. Take cover under a sturdy table or desk.
    c. Hold onto until the shaking stops.
  2. Take safety measures!
    a. If necessary, evacuate your home.
    b. Help those who are hurt.
    c. If possible, prevent further injuries.
     3. Reconnect and restore your daily life. Natural disasters happen and we can be prepared if and when they do.

Stay Prepared!

Source: Southern California Earthquake Center, 2017