Let’s Get Moving

Getting up early in the morning or working out may be very difficult for some to achieve. Some people blame it on laziness. Others don’t have enough time or are simply not motivated. Regardless of the excuses, it is very important to keep ourselves active throughout the day in order to stimulate our endorphins and feel good about ourselves! Keeping active and exercising also helps with controlling weight, strengthening bones and muscles, and increasing chances of living longer.
If you are not sure about how to start being active or how to get your heart rates up, don’t worry, you are not alone. It is important to start slowly and remain consistent. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it is recommended to start with brisk walking or moderate-intensity aerobic activity.
If you have a chronic health condition, it is important to get advice from your Doctor before you start developing your plan on how to stay healthy.
The great thing about living in Los Angeles (LA) is there are many health events that take place throughout the year, including walking, hiking, sporting races and much more. As we get ready for summer, here are a few events that you may want to consider to help you stay active.
May 20,2017- Breathe Easy Asthma Awareness
This race begins at 9:30am. The race will take place in Alondra Park, Redondo Beach Blvd in Los Angeles. Supports Asthma awareness month by walking 1K or 5K at this event.
May 21,2017- LA Life Run
This run begins at 8:00am. The run features a 5K/10K Run/Walk & Tinsel Town Tot Trot in Downtown LA while enjoying live music and entertainment. Collect your medal at the end of the race and enjoy some LA food with food trucks.
July 22, 2017- LAPD Foothill Fitness Run and Resource Fair
The 10K run begins at 8:30am, but there will also be a 1K that will begin at 8:00am for kids to participate and have fun. This event will help support the Youth programs form the Foothill station such as LAPD Cadet Program, Ballet Folklorico, Joyas Divinas del Valle and Foothill Jeopardy.
If you would like to view more events taking place in LA, feel free to visit www.active.com
If race walking, jogging, or running doesn’t interest you, you can still be active by incorporating a moderate-intensity aerobic activity into your lifestyle. When you work hard and exercise enough to where you raise your heart rate and break a sweat, you are definitely on the right path to keeping fit! Some examples of such activities include:

  • Heavy cleaning (Washing windows, vacuuming, mopping)
  • Mowing the lawn
  • Riding a bike (10-15mph)
  • Tennis
  • Water aerobics

Now that you have some tips for an active lifestyle, remember to stay motivated, focused and get moving!