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Pharmaceutical Services –Getting medications can sometimes be a challenge, but it is important at CCHC that we address any barriers that may prevent our patients from obtaining and adhering to prescriptions. Taking the necessary medications prescribed by one of our licensed healthcare professionals for improved outcomes is important to us. CCHC has many partnerships in place to offer a variety of pharmacy location pick-ups and to help provide financial assistance when possible. We may also be able to help coordinate the delivery of certain medications in some cases. Be sure to speak with a care team member if there are any barriers with obtaining and/or adhering to taking medications.


Laboratory –In addition to providing some laboratory services in house, CCHC has partnerships with several laboratories for patient convenience. Connect with someone from the care team to provide you with information about which lab you may be sent to. Make sure you attend your lab appointment and let us know if there are any barriers preventing you from getting necessary lab test done. Having laboratory results can help our care teams make the best decisions with you in relation to your care. Assistance may be available for eligible patients.

Radiology –It’s common that our wonderful team of providers will need to take a closer look at what’s happening inside the body by requesting radiology or imaging tests. Just like with pharmaceutical and laboratory services, CCHC has partnerships in place to help provide more options in different areas to serve all our patients.

Please note, CCHC may be limited where we can refer patients for certain outside services based on healthcare coverage. We do our best to consider convenience, but in many cases it is ultimately the decision of a patient’s coverage/insurance; not the CCHC team. It is the responsibility of the patient to connect directly with their health plan or insurance carrier if they would like to make a change. CCHC may contact an insurance carrier/health plan when time permits, but this is only as a courtesy to our patients and unfortunately is in no way an obligation. However, we are always happy to help point our patients in the right direction regardless of their coverage, lack of coverage, or any other reason. Please don’t hesitate to connect with any member of the team if you have questions or need assistance at any point during the journey.


CCHC provides high quality, affordable health careservices for you and everyone important to you.CCHC wants to be your medical home built on the foundation of sensitivity, respect and trust. CCHC offers a comprehensiveapproach to health care and strives to be a one-stop shop for your health care needs including primary medical care, dental care, behavioral health, vision, preventive health care, case management, and other specialty services.

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