Free Telehealth Visits Now Available!

Telehealth | CCHC

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth allows you to engage in a virtual office visit with your CCHC provider from the comfort of your home.  Telehealth is safe, convenient, and most of all eliminates the need for you to come into the office, placing yourself at risk during the coronavirus pandemic.

What equipment do I need?

Our telehealth solution is platform agnostic.  In other words, it works with any smart phone regardless of brand or model. It also works with any tablet, laptop or computer with a camera and speakers and connection to the internet.

Do I need special software?

No. Our telehealth solution does not require you to download any software. 

How does it work?

If you need to see your CCHC provider, simply call us and we will schedule a telehealth visit for you.  A few minutes before your scheduled appointment, we will send you a link via text or email.  Simply click on the link and you will be joined by your provider in a virtual appointment.  You will be able to see your provider and your provider will be able to see you.  Your provider will then provide you with the care you need during the visit.

Is telehealth safe and secure?

Yes. Your telehealth visit and your patient data is secure and confidential at all times.  The telehealth session is protected via a secure and HIPAA compliant encrypted connection between you and your CCHC provider.

How much does it cost?

Telehealth is free to CCHC patients. If you are new to CCHC, you may also be eligible for free telehealth services.  Please contact our call center at 818 265-2264 for more information.

Can I get my prescriptions refilled?

Yes. Your provider can refill your prescription during a telehealth visit.  Additionally, if you used one of our community partner pharmacies, they will deliver your medication to your home for free

What else can I do during a telehealth visit?

  • You can communicate with directly with your provider including asking questions about the coronavirus and reviewing any concerning symptoms you may have
  • You can receive advice and clinical instructions from your provider
  • You can review lab test or x-ray results with your provider, or discuss finding from previous visits
  • Your provider can order tests or medication you require based on the telehealth visit
  • If you have a blood pressure machine, glucometer, or other home based medical devices, your provider can help you review your vital signs during the visit
  • If you have wearable devices which automatically record information, such as heart rate, blood glucose, gait, posture control, tremors, physical activity or sleep patterns, you can review those with your provider during your telehealth visit

Are there any drawbacks to telehealth?

There are a few limitations with telehealth.  Because your visit is virtual and is not an in-person evaluation, your provider may not be able to do all of the things he/she would normally do during an exam such as taking your vital signs, conducting a physical examination, or taking samples such as blood or urine.  However, if your condition requires an in-person examination or additional treatment by a specialist, your provider can review your options during your telehealth visit.