COVID-19 Treatment

COVID-19 Therapeutics Treatment

CCHC is pleased to announce that we offer COVID-19 treatment, to available patients. Below you will find additional information for any questions you may have regarding the COVID-19 treatment option we offer.

Who should take COVID-19 treatments?

–  Most adults and some teens!

Safe, highly effective, free, widely available, and recommended for anyone 12 years old and older who:

  • Has COVID-19 symptoms, AND
  • Has tested positive for COVID-19, AND
  • Has certain experiences and conditions that put them at higher risk for worse COVID-19 illness. That’s most adults and some teens! The list is broad and includes: 
» Being 50 years of age and older

» Having common experiences and conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, being physically inactive, smoking (either past or present), asthma, mental health conditions like depression, and many more. See here for a comprehensive list:

» Being unvaccinated or not up-to-date with COVID-19 vaccination

As soon as you start to feel sick, act quickly to take a COVID-19 test and get free COVID-19 treatment.

COVID-19 treatments must be taken early, within 5-7 days of when symptoms begin!  Do not wait until your illness gets worse.

Why should you take COVID-19 treatment when your illness is still mild?

  • Scientific evidence shows that COVID-19 treatments are highly effective at preventing serious illness, hospitalization, and death from COVID-19 by up to 88%. For example, people who take Paxlovid are up to 8 times less likely to need hospitalization and 10 times less likely to die from COVID-19.
  • Treatments like the Paxlovid pill can also stop the virus from multiplying in your body and infecting more of your cells, so they can help you test negative sooner.
  • Early evidence also suggests COVID-19 treatment may lower the risk of developing long COVID — which are symptoms and medical issues that can last for weeks, months, or years after a COVID-19 infection.

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