Coping with Stress

Taking care of your mental health

  • Mental health resources
    • DMH Access Center (intake for all DMH services)
    • Call 800-854-7771 a 24 hour line
  • LA Warmline (DMH)
    • Call 855-952-9276 a confidential overnight telephone support for anyone (one does not need to have a serious mental illness)
  • Friendship Line (Institute on Aging) 
    • Call 800-971-0016 a 24 hour toll free line for adults 65+ or adults with disabilities
    • They can also make outreach calls to lonely older adults  
  • L.A. County Department of Mental Health
  • National Suicide Prevention Line
    • Call 800-273-8255 

Healthy ways to cope (Taking care of your mind and your body)

  • Take a break from the news and social media and talk with people you trust about your concerns
  • Focus on things that you can control
  • Go for a walk,  exercise , get out in nature
  • Call, text, email, use social media to safely  stay connected to friends and loved ones
  • Accept your emotions as normal during this pandemic
  • Volunteer and help others; always a good way to feel good
  • Laugh when you can
  • Watch a comedy show


Home isolation Tips

  • Set up a daily routine
  • Practice relaxation techniques and home exercise
  • Stay connected to friends and loved ones with social media, calls and texts
  • Develop a new interest or hobby that you can do safely in your home (e.g., learn a new language online, take up crafting)
  • Practice healthy cooking
  • Do some home organizing